Context Switching & Your Feelings

How to focus on turning down the noise of 21st century expectations.



1/19/2021 2 min read

Context Switching

“What the bumcrack is context switching?”

Context switching is the close cousin of multi-tasking. Context switching is born when you stop a task and start another one, even if you haven’t finished the first task completely.
Switching back-and-forth between unrelated projects or having back-to-back meetings because your gawd damn place of employment calls upon you to be an emotional octopus.

Sounds familiar right? Are you reading this email between two unnecessary meetings? Filled with phrases such as “with the caveat....” and “you’re on mute”? That’s only before having to appease a customer whose emails are so incessant, you’d happily find the nearest kangaroo and live in its pouch. Our wee noggens are required to chop and change their focus so much in this new age lyf, we truly are emotional superheroes for enduring. But stay with me hun! It’s not all doomy and gloomy. I have formulated a few different strategies to support the journey of adulthood avoidance (and enjoyment of life).

Journaling. I love this new journaling habit I’ve plonked myself into. When I journal it’s a completely unedited and congruent experience. It’s a time I get to talk to me. Organically, all of the things I want in life eventually formulate on the page. Likewise all of the things I fear don’t seem so intense. For example, if my job is getting me down, I swiftly realise I’m not trapped in any job and that life experiences are impermanent (transient). It’s fine to be frustrated with a situation, but getting too attached to the pain within it when life events are rarely permanent is not always helpful. I feel empowered in my journal to remind myself of what matters and how to get to where I need to go next.

Tapping into my inner child as much as possible. This is different for everyone of course, but for me connecting with my inner child can be through really simple actions. What did you enjoy as a kid? I loved drawing poos and recording silly songs for my friends. As a result, sometimes I’ll draw bums, poos and willys then send them on to my not so enthused (and very patient) mates. Other times I’ll play nba on Xbox or sing to my dog. Anything that reminds you of your younger self will enable you to feel a smidge more freed up of the ballsack that is adulthood.

Take time off. I really do get the frustration of annual leave in a global pandemic. Not so thrilling to have a staycation when you’re a burnt out Betty is it? But remember that it’s a real soul grind to work as much as we humans do in the 21st century. Our wee bodies were only designed for about 6-7 hours of berry picking and hog hunting, and anthropologists don’t even think that was everyday of the week. The frequency and depth in which we work is outrageous hun. Taking time off does not have to be for travel. Taking time off can be about lining up a whole lot of epic-bitch-self-love-lyf. I once took a week off just to make comedy, play guitar and go for hikes with my dog. It was the rejuvenating moist towelette to my soul. I truly recommend if this is an option for you that you commit to some you-time.

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