The Mental Health of our Politicians

My name is Controversial Connie, as todays blog will create divisive emotions. Find an Arnotts choc ripple, dunk a Nerada tea bag and pop your bifkin on the couch. We are unpacking the mental health of Australia’s political leaders.



7/27/2021 4 min read

Oh hey there feelz reader. It’s Bree Stewart here. At least you THINK it is Bree Stewart. Actually right now my name is Controversial Connie, as todays blog will create divisive emotions. Find an Arnotts choc ripple, dunk a Nerada tea bag and pop your bifkin on the couch. We are unpacking the mental health of Australia’s political leaders.

I said it. Our political leaders, like us, posses the complex organ known as “brain”. And as they have “brains”, so too do they undergo the visceral experience of human emotions on a day to day basis, just like you and I. Thus, they also can experience nourished or undernourished mental health.

“Who the f*ck cares? They’re a jumbo pack of wankers.” States one fictional reader.

I hear you boo. Over the last few months GladBagz has ruffled Scott’s feathers for not flicking her enough Pfizer. Kerry Chant commits to a daily stress poo amidst the latest Sydney outbreak. Barny Joyce stated he simply “couldn’t give a shit” about how COVID-19 had impacted Melbourne last month (coal and beef was stressing him out that day). Whilst ol' Annastasia is currently enjoying a tempura or two in Tokyo, simultaneously granting rugby players access to her gated community (Queensland), despite separated civilian loved ones being denied entry.

Some may wonder why these political people are granted access to my chamber of compassion™*, and I don’t blame them for their curiosity.

As it happened, last week I created a TikTok dub of Kerry Chant and Gladys Berejiklian at a press conference. A dub is a little bit of an undervalued art in my opinion. Straight forward too. Ya' setup a microphone and then proceed to say different, much funnier words over the original audio from the press conference. The whole premise of the video was, “things Chant wishes she could say at a presser”. ie: “COVID has given me stress polyps on my bum”.

About a week after I published this dub, I opened up TikTok and to my surprise the wee bugger had received 11k views and a fair few comments began to stream in. There were very few “lols”. The majority of the feedback was from angry Australians who wished to share their collective frustration at the Government’s pee poor handling of Delta. Fair enough hun. Yet, some of the personal insults and retorts directed at Chant could only be described as… well, disgusting. 

In fact, originally when I wrote this blog I included some examples of the posts themselves, though swiftly removed them. These are not comments any genuine heart would wish to read again in a lifetime, regardless of the target. Safe to say, the words used were hateful and deeply personal and had absolutely nothing to do with public health policies. It appeared many individuals missed the intention of the dub (to highlight how shit work can be as an introverted physician thrust before a Microphone), instead it became a space provided to digitally attack another human via WHAT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE COMEDY GOLD.

I immediately removed the video.  I then sat down to a mug of Barry’s to ponder exactly why.
After a brief seven minutes on Google it seems politicians are human beings just like you and I, this in turn created an experience of empathy within my emotional nooks and crannies.


Living in a federation is a politicised poo pocket. We feel the contradictions as citizens so I can only assume our MP’s feel it as leaders. It’s like working as an Assistant Manager at Cotton On Group. Swanston Street flagship always gets all the love due to proximity, whilst the DFO store in Essendon barely receives any adoration. Yet as staff, all have one thing in common. We are here to promote a poor quality brand from Geelong whilst enjoying 10% discount. Our MP’s are supposed to cohesively work together to promote and uphold the values of you and I, tha PPL. Though throughout this pandemic, they’ve spent so much time titting and tatting that I no longer enjoy tits or tats (an abomination to the Lesbian psyche). 

I am no angel doll. I am guilty of the odd “for fark SAKE”, when Gladbags drags her feet on defining essential businesses or responding to my Instagram DMs. However, I possess the ability to dislike people in my personal life, yet deeply care for their wellbeing - so why not apply that to our Premiers? For example, my last boss was a peanut. She was manipulative and gaslightey and I did not care for her AURA tbh. Yet I never once published mean tripes online (except for right now jahaha woops). I truly believe no one in the world gets paid enough to be bullied, attacked or berated (except Pauline Hanson and Hitler, DM for more). For anyone who has worked under a strained boss before, you’ll know that in line with your bosses exhaustion and negativity, your own optimism and focus dissipates.

As a member of this nation my joy and hope is diminishing alongside the increased confusion and mental fatigue of these beautiful nongs. To remedy this, I have realised whilst I cannot directly control their sensibility or resilience; I can balance my own energy reserves for now. At the end of the day until voting season, there is very little I can do to change decision making process at a Government level.

For me I need to keep a lot front of mind during this global pandemic. I need to remember that MPs, celebrities and D Grade influencers are human beings. MPs specifically are silly locals who thought it would be a good idea to make a difference in their country by attempting to lead a community. 

Perhaps when online, instead of “F*CK U DAN”, try “Fuark, you FRUSTRATE me Dan”. Above all, I personally am trying to remember that any energy exerted toward our political leaders is more likely energy exerted toward the media and therefore Murdoch. That is one Wally who does not need any more of my brain consumption TY very much.


Kia ora fam we out here we got this. Stay safe, stay well.
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Don't forget, mental health support is available via services such as the SANE Help Centre, BlueKnot Foundation or BeyondBlue. Seeking help is kewl.

*Chamber of Compassion is not trademarked at all, I fib.

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